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Model Girl 1

CSV and CSH magnetic proximity

  • Models CST-... CSV-... CSH-...
  • Operation Reed contact Electronic
  • Type of output Static or electronic PNP
  • Type of contact Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contacts
  • Voltage See model characteristics
  • Max current See model characteristics
  • Max load Reed switches 8 W DC and 10 VA AC Electronic switches 6 W DC
  • Protection IP 67
  • Materials Plastic body encapsulating epoxy resin cable in PVC connector PVR connector body in PU
  • Mounting Directly into the grooves, or by means of adapters.
  • Signalling By means of yellow diode Led
  • Protections See model characteristics
  • Switching time Reed switches <1,8 ms Electronic switches <1 ms
  • Operating temperature -10 ēC ÷ 80 ēC
  • Electrical duration Reed switches 10.000.000 cycles Electronic switches cycles
  • Electrical connection cable 2x0,14 (2m) high flexibility cable 3x0,14 (2m) high flexibility connector M8 and cable 0,3 m