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Model Girl 1

Series 40 cylinders

  • Type of construction: with tie-rods
  • Operation: double-acting
  • Materials: AL end blocks and piston, rolled stainless steel AISI 420B ( 160-200 mm) or chrome plated steel (250-320 mm) piston rod, zinc-plated steel piston rod nut, anodized AL tube, zinc-plated steel tie-rods and tie-rod nuts, NBR-PU rod - piston - cushion seals
  • Mounting: with tie-rods, front flange, rear flange, feet, centre trunnion, front and rear trunnion, swivel combination
  • Strokes: min - max 10 2500 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0C 80C (with dry air -20C)
  • Operating pressure: 1 10 bar
  • Speed: 10 500 mm/sec (without load)
  • Fluid: filtered air, without lubrication. If lubricated air is used, it is recommended to use oil ISOVG32. Once applied the lubrication should never be interrupted.